Integrated Intrusion Alarm Solutions

Intrusion Alarm System

When it comes to intrusion detection and alarm systems, ITS Security & Surveillance research your needs extensively and present you with several options to protect your business. Our security consultants work with you to custom-build the commercial intrusion alarm system that best fits your needs. Whether it’s the size of your business, specific considerations for your industry or simply budget concerns, we will design, install, monitor and maintain the most appropriate intrusion alarm system possible, in order to protect your business.

Intrusion detection and alarm systems from ITS Security & Surveillance provide early detection and seamless integration.

How Do I Choose The Right Alarm System?

The choice of an intrusion alarm system will depend on your needs and your budget. For example, wireless alarm systems are interesting above all for small businesses. Whereas, wired as well as hybrid alarm systems are more suitable for large enterprises and commercial businesses of any size. Our security experts can help you choose the right intrusion alarm solution, please contact us.

Wired vs. Wireless Intrusion Alarm System?

In a wired intrusion alarm system all components (Door switches, Motion Detectors, Glass Break Detectors, etc.) are directly wired to the alarm panel. In a wireless intrusion alarm system components that include a wireless transmitter to communicate with the panel may be installed, eliminating the need for a wire to be run from the component to the control panel.

Do You Also Perform Testing & Maintenance?

Yes, we do! We can test, inspect and maintain your intrusion detection and alarm systems. Our security engineers will personally meet with you to tour your facility and develop a service plan to ensure your intrusion alarm systems are regularly tested, inspected and maintained. ITS Security & Surveillance will have your intrusion detection systems working at top performance levels so that you are always safe. Our goal here at ITS Security & Surveillance is to ensure your safety with various inspections and maintenance routines.

What Is The Pricing For Intrusion Alarm Systems?

The pricing varies with your choice of intrusion alarm systems and your security needs. However, to get an estimated price or to request a quote, please send us an email with your requirements at or talk to our security consultants at +971 4 3737 937.